Frequently Asked Questions

What is faqlo ? how does it help my product

Create FAQ pages and share instantly , embed FAQs on your website or nocode app with full SEO support with Faqlo, select from customisable themes to match your webpage , not just that you can monitor your brand mentions across social media for questions related to your product, we constantly monitor your brand on popular sites and forums for any questions or potential leads based on our machine learning algorithms, answer all your user questions from one place with ease

We are currently monitoring major social networks like facebook, twitter, reddit, instagram and hackernews for any mention of your product or brand and based on machine learning algorithms you get notified in real time when any questions are asked

Yes we do provide monthly subscription at a very low price , you can also use faqlo for free for upto 5 faqs and daily monitoring based for your products, our premium subscription starts from as low as 8$ per product or brand

Yes you can with faqlo your slack community or users can access FAQs directly by using /faqlo command, you can also add other integrations such as intercom, wordpress and shopify as well